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Leonore Tiefer, Ph.D.

300 First Avenue, 8F
New York, NY 10009 USA
(212) 533-2774

Higher Education & Postdoctoral Training

1961-1963 City College of New York
1963-1969 University of California, Berkeley
1965 A.B. with Honors (Phi Beta Kappa)
1969 Ph.D., Experimental Psychology
1984-1988 Postdoctoral Respecialization, Clinical Psychology, NYU
1987-1988 Clinical Psych. Internship, Bellevue Hosp. Ctr, NYU

Academic Appointments

1969-1977 Ass't/Assoc Professor of Psychology
Colorado State University (tenure, 1973)
1977-1983 Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY
1977-1980 Assoc. Professor of Psychiatry
1980-1983 Clin. Assoc. Prof. of Psychiatry
1981- 2017 NYU Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry
Clinical Assoc. Professor of Psychiatry (2006-25th anniv.)
1988- 2011 Albert Einstein College of Med.; Montefiore Medical Center
1988-1996 Associate Professor, Department of Urology
1997- 2011 Clin. Assoc. Prof., Dept Psychiatry & Behav Sci

Clinical Experience and Employment

1978 New York State Psychology License #5809 (renewed biennially)
1975 Masters and Johnson training program in sex therapy
1975-1976 NYU Clinic for the Study of Sex'l Development
1976-1977 Colo. State Univ. Psychological Services Center
1977-1980 Center for Human Sexuality, Downstate Med. Center
1982- Private Psychotherapy Practice, Manhattan
1984-1986 NYU Doctoral Psychology Clinic and externships
1983-1988 Clin. and Rsch Psychologist; Beth Israel Med. Center
1988-1996 Clin and Rsch Psychologist; Montefiore Med. Center
1990-1996 Co-Director (Montefiore Med. Center Dep't. of Psychiatry)
Sex Therapy Clinic and Gender Dysphoria Clinic

Public Activism

Convenor of Educational “Campaign for a New View of Women’s
Sexual Problems” in 2000. See activities, publications, endorsers,
and past press coverage on
Call to Action in Sojourner’s and LATimes 10/99
Initial organizing meeting 9/00
First conference, “The New ‘Female Sexual Dysfunction’:
Promises, Prescriptions, and Profits” San Francisco,
March 9, 2002 - Organizer
First book, A New View…March, 2002 – Co-editor
Teaching manual, A New View…February, 2003 – Co-author
FDA Reproductive Drugs Advisory Comm. Hearing, Gaithersburg, MD
Open Public Hearing testimony, December, 2004
(Proctor & Gamble, “Intrinsa”)
Second conference, “Women and the New Sexual Politics: Profits vs. Pleasures” July 9-10, 2005
Le Nouvel Hotel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Organizer
Special issue of Sexualities, August, 2006 "Viagra culture", vol 9 #3, Co-Editor
Listserv on website, 2005 -
Continuing education courses online begun 2007
Special issue on “The New View Campaign against the medicalization of sex”
Feminism & Psychology, vol 18 #4, November 2008, Editor
Street rally protesting genital cosmetic surgery, NYC, November 17, 2008, Organizer and Publicist
Vulva arts and crafts exhibit, panel discussion and political event titled “Vulvagraphics” in Brooklyn gallery space on October 24-25, 2009 to celebrate the role of art in feminist activism on behalf of female genital diversity; Co-Organizer with grad students from CUNY and New School
FDA Reproductive Drugs Advisory Comm. Hearing, Gaithersburg, MD
Open Public Hearing testimony, June 18, 2010
(Boehringer-Ingelheim “flibanserin”)
Third conference: “Framing the Vulva: Genital cosmetic surgery and genital diversity” September 26, 2010, University of Nevada at Las Vegas, organizer
Fourth conference: The medicalization of Sex: An international, interdisciplinary, multimedia conference, April 28-20, 2011, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, co-organizer with SFU Gender studies
“Vulvanomics” - 11/11. online petition, “flash activism” surgeon protest event, and “Dr Vajayjay! Privatize those Privates” video; Co-organizer with students from CUNY and New School University.
Special issue of the Journal of Sex Research, Vol. 49 No 4, July-Aug, 2012, co- edited with Thea Cacchioni, “The Medicalization of Sex”
Online petition 7/14 to challenge deceptive pharma PR campaign, “Even the Score”
FDA 10/27/14 “Patient Focused Drug Development” meeting on “female sexual dysfunction” -prepare group, give testimony, L. A. Times op-ed
with Ellen Laan about the FDA meeting, 11/14/2014
Op-Ed in The Guardian US with Barbara Mintzes about flibanserin
6/4/2015 sex-viagra-flibanserin-fda-research
6/7/2-15 Testimony at the FDA Advisory Committee hearing for flibanserin
White Oak, MD
Fifth Conference: “Critique-Resist-Transform: Feminist Scholar Activism and the New View Campaign. Oct 6-8, 2016, Bloomington, Indiana. Co- organizer with Stephanie Sanders at IU.

Co-Organizer of “Selling Sickness: People before Profits,” February 21-22, 2013, an international grassroots conference to challenge disease-mongering/selling sickness. Entire program, presentations, video, call for action, and other components available on International CALL to ACTION on

Development of “The Partnership Model to Challenge Selling Sickness”.
National Grand Rounds Presentation at the National Physician’s Alliance, October, 2013

Blog- biweekly August, 2012- December, 2014

CBC Podcast 7/25/17 “On Drugs” episode “Spanish fly, chemsex, and ‘female Viagra’” includes Interview with LT and-female-viagra-why-drugs-and-sex-don-t-always-mix-1.4216255

Article in ViCE 8/21/15 about premature ejaculation - quoted at length about “normal”

Preceding and following FDA approval of Addyi 8/18/2015
NYTimes, WSJ, Associated Press boost-female-libido-approved-by-u-s-fda-1.3195039 , Washington Post, Philly Inquirer, etc etc. W Radio / PRISA Media Conglomerate leading radio chains in Latino America, broadcasting daily for over 28 million listeners around the world
BBC TV, BBC radio, RT television “Watching the Hawks” news program individual interview;hb

Book review in Wall Street Journal, August 15, 2015 “If You Give a Mouse a Xanax” - review of Anxious by Joseph LeDoux
WBUR - 6/8/2015 National NPR call in show “On Point” - Debate with Dr. Lauren Streicher - pro-drug Ob-Gyn.
Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC 6/5/2015
International Business Times Quoted in good story by Amy Norden 6/5/2015
The Guardian US Op-Ed with Barbara Mintzes about flibanserin vote 6/5/2015
Washington Post, quoted by Brigid Schulte after FDA hearing, 6/5/15
New York Times, quoted by Andrew Pollack, upcoming FDA hearing 5/31/15
Book review, Wall St. Journal, 3/27/15 “Moody Bitches…” by Julie Holland.
Hourlong interview on Canadian public radio “Ideas” 3/2/15
National Public Radio “All Things Considered” 2/16/15 Interviewed on flibanserin.
Interview in Wired Magazine, 2/15 by Julia Greenberg
L.A.Times op-ed written with Ellen Laan 11/14/14
Coverage after 10/27/14 FDA female sexual dysfunction meeting:
WebMD;, WSJ, , Philadelphia Inquirer, Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Jezeel,com,, The Atlantic, Marie-Claire magazine
WSJ, quoted in critique of “Even the Score” campaign (7/8/14)
Philaadelphia Inquirer, quoted in critique of “Even the Score” campaign (7/7/14)
Slate, quoted in critique of new defense of flibanserin on basis of gender equity the_agency_s_rejection_of_flibanserin_has_nothing.html (4/6/14)
Reuters, quoted on new study on aging women critical of FSFI (2/10/14)
Photo and interview in Sunday edition of major Slovenian newspaper Delo (5/26/13)
New York Times (7/2/12) quoted in piece on over-the-counter treatments for women’s sexual problems
Atlantic magazine, quoted in powerful story about disease-mongering disease-mongers-keep-us-all-doped-up/255247/
National Post (Canada) 4/24/12 quoted on new cadaver study on “G-Spot”
Health Day 11/4/11 quoted on blurry boundary between treatment and enhancement w/ regard to prescription drugs for graying hair
Toronto Globe & Mail 8/26/11 quoted on dangerous female genital cosmetic surgery trends
New York Times, (Style section) 6/5/11 quoted in “Viagra: The thrill that was” regarding couples who take Viagra because they assume they should want and have sex
Variety - 2011 - further reviews of “Orgasm, Inc. praise my work
Toronto Star Pills won't fix problems in the bedroom, says critic of big pharma 6/22/10 Nancy J. White; Focus on “Dancing vs. Digestion” approach
"Q", National Arts and Entertainment Program, CBC Radio One, Wed, June 2, 2010. Live interview about FSD and flibanserin.
Lots and Lots of coverage at the time of the FDA hearing on flibanserin, including
New York Times, page 1, 6/17/10 “Push to market pill stirs debate on sexual desire”
By Duff Wilson, including photograph by Fred R. Conrad
Lots of coverage at the time of the NY premiere of “Orgasm, Inc” at Lincoln Center, 5/27/10, and also in conjunction with the FDA Advisory Committee hearing for Flibanserin on 6/18/10, e.g.,The Selling of the Female Orgasm A provocative new documentary targets Big Pharma’s quest for a female Viagra Newsweek , 5/23/10,
ABCnewsonline “Orgasm Inc.: Search for the Female Viagra; New Documentary Accuses Pharmaceutical Industry of Risking Women's Health for Profit, By Susan Donaldson James, 5/17/10 female-viagra-documentary-film-orgasm/story?id=10639464
Washington Post, Page 1, 5/24/10 “FDA considers endorsement of drug that some call a Viagra for women”, Rob Stein Village Voice, Estrogen Blog by Jen Doll “FDA considering ‘Lady Viagra’ 5/24/10
Univ of Guelph Ontarion Profile article of LT and NV, 4/8/10
NZ Listener, NZ national newsmagazine, “Sex & Drugs & Marketers’ Role” by Linley Boniface, 2/27-3/5/10; feature story with photo
"Nine to Noon" - New Zealand national news radio - live interview 2/26/10
University of Otago (NZ) radio, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” live interview 3/3/10
New York Times (arts section), 12/19/09, quoted on recent arts and sciences focus on female sexual desire, “From ‘Vibrator’ to ‘Cougar Town,’ it’s still a man’s world” by Patricia Cohen
New York Times (business section), 12/12/09, quoted on the medicalization of “premature ejaculation” - a medical condition or a new market? “Sure, It’s Treatable. But Is It a Disorder?” By Natasha Singer
New York Times Magazine, 11/29/09, quoted on the medicalization of women’s sexual desire in “Women who want to want” by Daniel Bergner
San Diego Union-Tribune 11/23/09, quoted on Flibanserin (article by Keith Darcé)
The Economist, 11/19/09, quoted on Flibanserin (article by Kurt Kleiner), 11/13/09, quoted on Flibanserin (article by Naomi Kresge)
Women’s Health magazine, 11/09, quoted on overmedicalization (article by Laura Beil)
PBS “Second Opinion” ½ hour series for healthcare experts and the public; Episode #603 on “Female Sexual Dysfunction” distributed to local stations 10/17/09
Episode is discussion among 5 professionals about FSD
The Nation, 9/28/2009, quoted in JoAnn Wypijewski’s discussion of hysteria and FSD.
L’Hebdo 7/11/09, profiled in “Sexualité féminine: Halte au plaisir médicalise” by Elisabeth Gordon. (Swiss newspaper)
Boston Globe 5/17/09, quoted at length in The Sunday Boston Globe Ideas
section article “The new romantics: Should we get the doctor out of the
bedroom?” by Drake Bennett. Article is analysis of medicalization of sex.
Orgasm, Inc. full length documentary about FSD, premiered in Toronto 5/2/09. Videographer followed me around for years and filmed speeches, FDA testimony, campaign planning meetings, etc.
Philadelphia Inquirer 4/26/09, quoted at length in extensive front page story “Drug firms keep up search for female Viagra” by Marie McCullough (w/ photo)
Alternet online, quoted on genital cosmetic surgery by Bonnie Zylbergold, on 4/17/09
American Psychological Assn. Monitor on Psychology 4/09 quoted at length in
“The debate over low libidos” by Rebecca Clay
Albuquerque Journal 1/19/09 quoted by Amanda Schoenberg in piece on LibiGel, new testosterone drug undergoing clinical trials
CTV documentary 12/6/08 “Pharma Sutra” by Robin Benger about years of New View vs. New Drugs for FSD (search for title on
Edmonton Sun 12/4/08 quoted in a piece on the 12/6 Canadian documentary “Pharma Sutra” featuring New Vew vs. new drugs for FSD
TIME magazine 11/19/08 Quoted extensively in “Plastic surgery below the belt” by
Laura Fitzpatrick following the New View street rally protesting genital
cosmetic surgery,8599,1859937,00.html
Crikey website, Australia 11/13/08, quoted in “Introducing the designer vagina:
Protests begin” by Miranda Burne and Ray Moynihan.
National Post Canada, 10/31/08 quoted on new research in “Only 12% of women
bothered by low sex drive: study” by Sharon Kirkey
Wilmington Delaware News Journal, 8/19/08 quoted at length in “Viagra may be able
to help women too” by Hiran Ratnayake
CBC (Canada) “Sunday Morning News” live radio interview, 3/30/08
US News & World Report, 3/27/08 Women Lacking Libido Aren't Sick
Birth of a "pink Viagra" would wrongly medicalize low sex drive, says Leonore Tiefer. Interview. By Lindsay Lyon
Washington Post, 3/12/08, “A Dose of Desire: The Race Is On to Create 'Pink Viagra,' But Some Women Aren't in the Mood for It” by David Segal;
Numerous quotes and photo
The Straits Times (Singapore) 1/28/08 Quoted in story on tantric sex in
Toronto Weekend, AM 640 live radio interview, 1/25/08
Toronto Star, 11/29/07, quoted on effects of Viagra revolution on young women
"Ideas" CBC (Canada) radio program interview - "The Ideas of Leonore
Tiefer" one hour long 9/27/07; Rebroadcast 5/6/08; Interview appears in CBC-edited volume Ideas for a New Century (edited by Bernie Lucht). New Fredericton, Canada: Goose Lane Books (2008)
BBC-Radio - London, interviewed for "Am I normal?" - 9/18/07
Live interview, WICC 600AM Radio (Bridgeport, CT), 8/21/07
Toronto Globe and Mail 8/2/07, quoted on cosmetic genital surgery
San Diego Union-Tribune, 8/4/07, quoted on new sexual
medicine clinic at Alvarado Hospital
Chicago Tribune, 8/1/07, quoted on Meston/Buss Texas study of
sexual motivations in Archives Sexual Behavior
San Francisco Chronicle, 6/3/07, quoted on cosmetic genital surgery
ABC-News "Nightline" 12/8/06 discussing new sex drug,
Bremelanotide. (taped 11/15/06) (rebroadcast 7/24/07)
CBS “Sunday Morning” TV news - featured interview on "A Nation of Pill-takers” 10/22/06 (show rebroadcast 8/5/07)
"Spin Talk" - Dublin radio - 9/8/06 live interview
The Independent (UK) 9/5/06 Quoted in article on prospective
orgasm pill
Herald News (New Jersey) 8/1/06 Quoted in article on PT-141
"Nine to Noon" - New Zealand national news radio - interview 4/10/06
“Life Matters” – Australian nationwide news radio – interview 2/15/06.
New York Times 1/13/06 Quoted in article on new books about
older women and sexuality
Kansas City Star 12/22/05 Quoted in article on PT-141
New York Magazine 11/14/05 Quoted in article on new sex
drug, PT-141. (same article and author, Dibbell, appears
in Sunday 4//23/06 The Observer)
Los Angeles Times 10/2/05 Quoted in cover magazine article on
Jennifer Berman and the new women’s sexuality clinics
Washington Post 9/20/05 Quoted in article on testosterone
treatments for women’s sexual problems
7/05, much coverage in Canadian press, especially Montreal Gazette, on New View conference
Seattle Times, 6/30/05, featured as part of investigative series
“Suddenly Sick” about Pharm-industry creating diseases and diagnoses; part V is all about FSD by Susan Kelleher and Duff Wilson
“The Current” - 6/21/05 National CBC radio show; interviewed in NY studio
on hormonal treatments for FSD
The Observer (UK) 6/12/05, quoted on the medicalisation of women’s sexuality
Science, 6/10/05, quoted in lengthy piece on new drugs for women’s sexual problems
New York Times, 6/5/05, quoted on women’s libido problems and testosterone treatments
Sydney Morning Herald, 3/31/05 on women’s libido problems and testosterone treatments
Psychology Today magazine, 2/05, quoted on pharma control of sex research
USNews & World Report, 1/24/05. quoted on Intrinsa
“Sex-TV” - 1/22/05 Canadian series; segment on “FSD” and new drugs
and New View critique
American Medical News, 1/17/05, quoted on Intrinsa
Miami Herald, 12/14/04, quoted on direct-to-consumer drug ads
Week of Nov 29, 2004 -Dec 6, 2004 Quoted in scores of
individual and wire stories on 12/2/04 FDA advisory committee meeting about Intrinsa - New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Washington Times etc, etc.
Interviewed on CBS Evening News, NBC Evening News and ABC World News Tonight on 12/2/04 after Intrinsa rejected by FDA advisory panel.
Interviewed live on NBC “Today” by Katie Couric on 12/3/04 to discuss panel vote.
Interviewed live on “Good Morning America” on 12/5/04
Interviewed live by Brian Lehrer on WNYC-radio (NPR) on 12/ 6/04
Forbes, 11/29/04, quoted on new P&G drug, Intrinsa
Newsweek, 11/8/04, quoted on new P&G drug, Intrinsa
Genetic Engineering News, 9/15/04, 24: 8-9. “Point of View:
Are drugs really the answer to women’s sexual problems?”
Prevention magazine, 09/04, quoted as a sex therapist and
activist on women’s sexual life, problems, and treatments
Maclean's 7/19/04 quoted in “Female sexual dysfunction: Epidemic or
manufactured problem?” which also appears online in The Canadian Encyclopedia
NYTimes, 7/11/04, quoted on statistical studies of the contribution of sexual activity to measures of happiness
Glamour magazine, 7/04, featured in story on diversity among
sexuality experts in advice on women’s sexual problems
NYTimes, 6/21/04, commenting on epidemiological studies of sexual dysfunction
NYTimes, 6/6/04, commenting on hormone replacement therapies, and, in another
article, on gender differences in treatments for sexual problems
“CBS Evening News,” 5/3/04 and 5/4/04 commenting on new sex drugs for women
NYTimes, 3/16/04 commenting on brain studies of sexuality
NYTimes, 2/28/04 commenting on Pfizer ending trials of Viagra for women
Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany), 2/24/04, discussing
medicalization of women’s sexuality
ABC “20/20,” 2/20/04 commenting on new sex drugs for women
Northeast Magazine (Hartford Courant) Cover interview story,
2/8/04, on social construction of sexuality
Australian radio ABC documentary on women’s sexuality
1/26/04 (repeat of docu first shown 6/2/03) discussion of medicalization and new trends in rsch and treatment
Wall Street Journal, 11/4/03, commenting on new sex drugs for women
National Post (Canada) 10/20/03, commenting on new sex drugs for women
Vermont NPR “Public Health Radio” 10/03, interview on
medicalization and social construction of sexuality
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 9/25/03, commenting on new sex drugs for women
NPR “Morning Edition” 8/3/03, commenting on 50th anniversary of Kinsey volume on women
Sacramento Bee, 8/17/03, commenting on new sex drugs for women
CNN 8/8/03, commenting on Atty Gen Ashcroft reviving prosecutions of pornographers “to protect women”
Washington Post, 7/29/03, commenting on new sex drugs for women
UPN9 (NY) TV News 7/22/03 commenting on new sex drugs for women
APA Monitor on Psychology 4/03, discussing medicalization of women’s sexual
Los Angeles Times, 4/28/03 commenting on new sex drugs for women
BBC “Horizon,” documentary “Sexual Chemistry,” 4/03
discussing medicalization of sexuality and the new trends
“CBS News” (NY) 3/3/03 commenting on new sex drugs for women
The Independent (UK), 2/12/03 commenting on new sex drugs for women
Boston Globe, 2/6/03, commenting on new sex drugs for women
"The second sexual revolution" 2001 Granada-TV/NYT
documentary covering the new sexuality drugs, shown on
TLC (The Learning Channel) obituary about Dr. Wiliam Masters 2/27/01
"FSD" segments on "pure oxygen" cable 2000. Interview of LT following
interview of Chris Veasley from National Vulvadynia Assn about
whether women will benefit from new drugs or are being exploited.
"Sex-TV" Canadian TV show; episode on "Female Sexual
Dysfunction" in 2000; featured interview
“Healthfacts,” 12/99, quoted on the Boston FSD conference, 10/28/99, quoted in piece on Boston FSD conference
"'Female sexual dysfunction' Alert: A new disorder invented for
women. Sojourner: The women's forum, Oct, 1999, P. 11
Op-ed by L Tiefer [reprinted in Sexualities, Evolution and
Gender, 2003, 5, 33-36]
New York Times 4/9/97, commenting on law case about
restrictions on businesses that list body parts that may not
be exposed or touched, including “female breast”
"The Compton Report" - 2/26/95 NBC-TV news show in Seattle,
live interview on Sex in America (Chicago survey) and Sex
is Not a Natural Act (other interviewee Gina Kolata of NYTimes)
New York Times 10/9/94 - quoted in column by Robert Lipsyte on

Teaching Experience

Colorado State University (1969-1977)
Undergraduate Courses:
Introductory Psychology (classes of 330)
Physiological Psychology (with lab)
Psychology of Women
Human Sexuality (classes of 330)
Graduate Courses:
Experimental Research Methods
Physiology of Motivation
Comparative Physiology of Sexual Behavior
Educational Theory and Technique
Nongonadal Hormones and Behavior
Female Sexuality
Sex Therapy

Downstate Medical Center (1977-1983)
Lecturer in medical students' psych. course, psych. residents' sexuality seminar Kingsboro psych. residents' seminar
Annual sexuality courses: Nurse-Midwifery Program and MD/PhD Program in Biological Psychology
Coordinator, Med/Nurs'g Students' Rape Companion Elective

Columbia University School of Nursing (1979-1981)
Annual sexuality courses: Adult Nursing and Nurse-Midwifery

Catholic Medical Center of Brooklyn and Queens (1982-1984)
8 week seminars to OBS/GYN residents at St. Mary's Hospital

New York University Medical Center (1980- 2017)
Psychology Interns: 10 session ethics seminar (1984-1987)
Occasional lecturer: medical students and psychiatry residents
Annual sexuality seminar for psychology interns (1988- 94)

Albert Einstein College of Medicine (1988- 2010)
Annual psychiatry, geriatric medicine, primary care, and family practice residents' sex therapy lectures
Annual psychology interns' sex therapy course
Annual lectures to 1st and 2nd year med. students on exuality
Cont Ed Conf. Co-Director (4/1/95) "Sexuality Update"
Annual lecture in community medicine residency “Health
Activism” course, 2003+

Florida Mental Health Institute, Tampa (10/18/95)
1 day workshop: "Exploring sexuality and treating sexual dysfunctions: A feminist perspective" (with Brunhild Kring)

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (12/6/95)
1/2 day workshop: "Towards a feminist sex therapy"

Rollins University, Winter Park (4/3/98)
1 day workshop: "Feminist sex therapy: So much to understand, so little honest talk"

Association for Women in Psychology (3/97; 3/98; 3/03, 3/16)
1/2 day workshops: "Masturbation: Pleasure, tension release,
and other motives and scripts" “A New View of Women’s
Sexual Problems”, “Reviving the Older Women’s Caucus”

Council of Nephrology Social Workers (3/99)
1/2 day workshop: "Sexuality in Renal Failure"

Nazareth College, Rochester, NY (10/03)
1/2 day workshop, “A New View of Women’s Sexual Problems”

Sexuality Study Group, Zagreb, Croatia (7/09)
1½ day consultation on techniques of sex therapy organized by Aleksander Stulhofer
of the University of Zagreb

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (4/12/12)
½ day workshop on ““Integrating a Non-Medical View of Sexual Problems into Clinical Practice: The Contribution of the New View Campaign”

Liverpool Partners in Psychosexual Supervision (PiPS) (5/17/13)
Full day workshop on “Integrating a Non-Medical View of Sexual Problems into Clinical Practice: The Contribution of the New View Campaign”

Sexuality Study Group, Ljubljana, Slovenia (5/23/13)
3 hour workshop: "Towards a feminist sex therapy"

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Research Grants

at Colorado State University
1969-1970 NIH Biomedical Sciences Support Grant $ 1, 400
1969-1971 NSF Undergrad Scientific Equipment
Grant (w/ David Avery) 25, 000
1970-1972 NIMH Small Grant 6, 714
1973-1975 NICHD Research Grant 34, 495
at Downstate Medical Center
1980-1983 NCI Research Grant
(Co-Princ. Investig. w/ Anne Carter) 339, 245

Professional Activities

Organizational activities:
International Academy of Sex Research (member: 1978- )
elected to membership: 1978
President: 1992-1993
representative to the International Consultation on Erectile Dysfunction, 1998-1999, 2002-2003

Association for Women in Psychology (member: 1978- )
Chairperson, Distinguished Publication Award Comm. 1980-86
National Conference Co-Coordinator 1987, Conf Comm 2003
National Coordinator: 1986-1989
Author of 1969-1989 and 1989-2008 Histories

Society for Sex Therapy and Research (member: 1980-2002 )
Newsletter Editor: 1983-1985
Secretary: 1986-1988

World Research Network on the Sexuality of Women & Girls
Co-Founder: 1991 & Newsletter Editor: 1991-1999
Conference organizer: 1st 1995 (Provincetown);
2nd 1996 (Amsterdam); 3rd 1997 (Spain);
4th 1997 (Baton Rouge); 5th 1999 (New York City)

Montefiore Working Group on Gender Dysphoria (1992-96)
Co-Convenor and Moderator [subsequently moved to New York State Psychiatric Institute where it continues: 1996-]

Association for Women in Psychology (AWP)
International Academy of Sex Research (IASR)
Int’l Ass'n for Study of Sexuality, Culture & Society (IASSCS)
Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR)
Sex Information and Education Council of the US (SIECUS)
Society for the Scientific Study of Sex (SSSS)
Society for Social Studies of Science (SSSS)
Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI)
New York Institute for the Humanities Seminar:
Sex, Gender and Consumer Culture (1982-1993)
American Psychological Assn (1970s to 2000), elected Fellow

Professional Journal activities:
Book Review Editor
Women & Therapy: 1985-1989
Journal of Sex Education & Therapy: 1989-1995
Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy: 1995-2013

Consulting Editor
Psychology of Women Quarterly: 1976-1985
Sexuality & Disability: 1985-1986
Archives of Sexual Behavior: 1988-2010
Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality (now the International Journal of Sexuality and Health): 1990-
Annual Review of Sex Research: 1995-
Journal of Sex Research: 1996-2011
Sexualities (UK): 1996-

Associate Editor
Journal of Sex Research: 1992-1996

Boards of Directors
New York City Task Force on Sexual Assault: 1977-1984
(Chair: 1980-1984)
New York City Coalition on Women's Mental Health: 1986-87
National Coalition Against Censorship: 1992-
Vice-Chair, 2004-
Community Church of New York Unitarian-Universalist:
1988-1992 (Also Chair of the Homeless Shelter Committee)
Female Sexual Function Forum (FSFF), now International
Society for the Study of Women's Sexuality (ISSWSH)
Member-at-large of Board, 2000-2002.

U.S. Government Service
NIMH Small Grant Committee: 1973-1975
NIH/NIDDK Consensus Conference on Impotence: 1992

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