Leonore Tiefer

Sex is Not a Natural Act, and other essays

Sex is Not a Natural Act: Table of Contents

Part One: Sex is Not a Natural Act: Theme and Variations

1. Am I normal? The question of sex
2. Social constructionism and the study of human sexuality
3. Sexual biology and the symbolism of the natural
4. Historical, scientific, feminist, and clinical criticism of the human sexual response cycle

Part Two: Popular writings on the theme

1. Six months at the daily news
2. Kinsey lecture on kiss
3. From Niagara to Viagra: Why is it so hard to just talk about sex?
4. Interview in MS magazine
5. McDonaldization of Sex
6. Doing the Viagra Tango

Part Three: Feminism and sexuality

1. An activist in sexology
2. Biological Politics (read: propaganda) Remains Alive and Well in Sexology
3. Gender and meaning in the nomenclature of sexual dysfunctions
4. Some harms to women of restrictions on sexually related expression
5. Toward a feminist sex therapy
6. The capacity for outrage: feminism, humor and sex

Part Four: The Medicalization of Sexuality

1. Sexism in sex therapy – whose idea is ‘sensate’ focus?
2. Women’s Sexuality, Not a Matter of Health
3. Medicalization of impotence: normalizing phallocentrism
4. Pleasure, medicalization and the tyranny of the natural
5. Sexology and the Pharmaceutical Industry: The threat of co-optation

Part Five: The creation of "Female Sexual Dysfunction"

1. Female Sexual Dysfunction: A new disorder is created for women
2. A New View of Women’s Sexual Problems
1. The Selling of Female Sexual Dysfunction
2. A New Sexual World – NOT!
3. The Pink Viagra Story: We have the drug, but what’s the disease?


TV and print media interviews and quotes on sexuality and pharmaceutical topics
Featured on "PBS' "Need to Know," photo and interview in Slovenian Newspaper Delo, Interview on "Q" CBC radio, photo and story June 17, 2010 in New York Times, appearances on ABC "Nightline," CBS "Sunday Morning," ABC/CBS/NBC Nightly News programs, ABC "Good Morning America," NBC "Today;" many more
Many quotes in Boston Globe, LA Times, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Independent (UK), Seattle Times, Psychology Today magazine, Science, Miami Herald, San Diego Union Tribune, Chicago Tribune, The Nation, Toronto Globe & Mail, newspapers in Germany, Slovenia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Australia, blogs galore, etc. etc.
Recent lectures
2016 public lecture on the role of the pharmaceutical industry in creating and promoting "female sexual dysfunction" in order to sell drug products. Another Dr. Tiefer lecture on medicalization and sexuality from 2007 available on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yUeVaU408s
Provocative critique of how pharmaceutical companies create sexual disorders and the role of consumer activism and resistance.
Collected essays
Popular and professional writings on contemporary sexual life. "An important book"
--The Nation
Diverse commentaries on the New View Campaign Manifesto, plus essays on new sex research on women

Recent Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aClA0naLqOQ

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